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SEO SpyGlass Tool is a webmaster's must-have competition analyzer
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6 November 2015

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This is a SEO tool that helps get a fix of how your competitors are doing.

To win in the Internet game, you have to start getting high volume of traffic to your site. That depends on how high you rank on search engine results. You need to be on the first page, preferably at number 1 to tap the source of people actively seeking information on your keyword. Only when this traffic is high enough, you can hope to get enough people to stay on your site and look for information, products and services. Besides getting a high ranking on major search engines, you also need to monitor these rankings. That in turn, means that you should be monitoring if your competitors are getting past you or not. This is a tool that can help keep a tab on competitors easily.

Analyzing a high ranking competitive site lets you understand why that site ranks well. You need to make out what they are doing right and that could be your blue print for getting to and beyond their rankings. One of things that is very important is to get ever more high ranking back-links. The anchor text for the back-link is also important. These links are considered a vote for the credibility of your site and more votes you get, better is your ranking. Popular search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing consider the clickable anchor text of the back links to be based on the keyword you are targeting. Figuring out the SEO strategy of the competitor is not simple. However this tool can help you do that easily. The tool also has an easy-to-use back-link checker that lets you see exactly why they rank better than you. This is a very good tool.

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SEO SpyGlass is feature rich SEO software for competition and backlink analysis. This supercharged web promotion tool was specifically designed for site owners, webmasters and expert SEOs who need to make it to top 10 of search engine rankings and need to make it really fast. With this breakthrough competitive intelligence tool you can easily and ethically spy on your top ranking competitors in order to find out what SEO techniques worked for them. Worked for them will work for you! SEO SpyGlass will deliver you the kind of information your competition would hate you to know, including: The overall number of inward links your competitor has The Google PageRank value of every link Alexa Rank of every link The total number of PR 0 to PR 10 links The IP address of every website linking to your competitor as well as the total number of backlinks pointing from it The keyword density your competitor is using in titles and anchors Backlinks coming from DMOZ and Yahoo! Directory The number of backlinks directing from forums and blogs Backlinks coming from homepages of websites The link value of every inbound link How old each domain linking to your competitor is And more! SEO SpyGlass will accelerate your competitive analysis so that you can disclose your rivals' secret SEO strategy in a couple of clicks. You can mimic the best SEO practices used by the competition and outperform them in all major search engines. A huge help even for a complete newbie is SEO Success Blueprint, giving you step-by-step guidance in successful search engine optimization. Get a full version of SEO SpyGlass or download and try a free demo that will get you ahead of the curve right now. Don't wait to get SEO SpyGlass for a test drive!
SEO SpyGlass Professional
SEO SpyGlass Professional
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